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Department of support and development of small business Department of support and development of small business 
It is founded in June, 1993. The purpose of activity of Department - realization of a policy(politics) of the Government of Moscow in questions of development and the state support of small business in territory of Moscow.
National business partnership  National business partnership " Alliance Медиа " 
The Russian business portal " Alliance Медиа " is created for information support of the Russian businessmen, development of business partnership, promotion of production and services and formation of mechanisms of electronic business dealing.
The Russian association of development of small and average business The Russian association of development of small and average business 
The basic directions of activity of Association:
Protection of rights and interests of business in bodies of legislative and executive authority of Russia;
Rendering of information, consulting, methodical, legal both other help to the small and average enterprises.
The Moscow agency on development of business The Moscow agency on development of business 
Primary goal МАРП - rendering to businessmen of a wide spectrum of the services adequate(answering) to their real needs(requirements).
Experts МАРП for the first time in Russia have developed and have introduced " System of remote consulting " - advisory service in a network the Internet, basing on a site " Remote consulting ". With the help of educational and methodical grants(manuals) СДК businessmen independently can understand all questions of creation and development of a small enterprise to define(determine) key problems of business.
МАРП is the authorized representative of the Holder of the Register of small enterprises of Moscow and carries out works on conducting and support of the Register through territorial agencies on development of business (ТАРП) in ten administrative districts of Moscow.

The inter-regional centre of industrial subcontracting and partnership The inter-regional centre of industrial subcontracting and partnership 
The centre is included into the international association of the European organizations on development of subcontracting RIOST (International Network of Subcontracting, Industrial Co-operation and Partnership Organizations).
The Russian association франчайзинга The Russian association франчайзинга 
Russian Association Franchajzinga is a place of meetings, a forum for an exchange of experience and the information about франчайзинге.
The Moscow centre of business information  The Moscow centre of business information "Бинек" 
- Internet - services. Last mile
- Computer engineering. System integration
- The business information
- WEB-design. Programming
The publishing house  The publishing house " Business press " 
Here you can learn(find out) not only that occurs today but also to receive a selection of the information on a problem or event and to learn(find out), how the situation in time varied. | Marketing Advertising PR | Marketing Advertising PR 
Информационно-analytical portal
Corporate management Corporate management 
The encyclopedia of marketing
Food business - a business monthly Food business - a business monthly 
Magazine for маркетологов the food companies.
Opening day in Измайлово and the Centre of crafts ВАО Russian farmstead Opening day in Измайлово and the Centre of crafts ВАО Russian farmstead 
The Kremlin in Измайлово (Russian Farmstead) is a unique centre of culture and entertainments. At us everyone will find employment(occupation) as desirable - realization of cheerful holidays, weddings, корпоративов, business actions, conferences, cognitive excursions over our museums, masters - classes over primordial Russian crafts, a plentiful meal at restaurants and cafe. And also - souvenirs and gifts, driving on лошадях, feeding of manual pigeons and many other things.
The Russian Euro of Info the Correspondent Centre The Russian Euro of Info the Correspondent Centre 
The European Information Correspondent Centre in Russia (ЕИКЦ - Russia) was created on the basis of the Agreement signed in July, 2007 between General Management of the European Commission and the Russian Agency of support of small and average business. ЕИКЦ - Russia functions on the basis of the Russian Agency of support of small and average business since August, 1, 2007. In view of own opportunities and potential of the Russian Agency, the Centre is equipped enough to carry out the activity directed on strengthening of business ties between Russian small both average enterprises (МСП) and their European partners.
ЕИКЦ - Russia is a member and the official information agent of general(common) network Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Now network Enterprise Europe Network unites about 400 centres in almost 50 countries of the world. Network Enterprise Europe Network plays the important role in development of attitudes(relations) between МСП, the Eurounion and the third countries. The purposes and problems(tasks):
The basic purpose of activity Russian ЕИКЦ - granting of информационно-consulting support and assistance МСП of Russia and the countries of the Eurounion, interested in an establishment and development of mutually advantageous business cooperation.
Portal  Portal " Small business of Moscow " 
The portal " Small business of Moscow " unites resources of System of a supply with information of small business of Moscow and to the full corresponds(meets) to information needs(requirements) of businessmen of city. The information necessary for businessmen for business dealing in capital is included in structure of resources of a portal.

If you want to become our partner or to exchange with us references direct to us The application.

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