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1Agency ABARUS Market ResearchAgency ABARUS Market Research will carry out(spend) marketing researches of a full cycle in territory of Russia, and also carries out separate kinds of works at different stages of realization of the research project.

The collective of agency ABARUS MR is proud of the clients, among which: Alcoa, ALD Automotive, BASF, Boston Consulting Group, Henkel, Home Credit, Knauf, Knight Frank, LG International Corp., Nokian Tyres, Pergo, Pirelli, Raiffeisenbank, Saint-Gobain, Societe Generale, Tarkett, URSA, Абсолют-bank, Alpha - bank, Атон, Газпромбанк, Ингосстрах, Интеко, КАМАЗ, КАТЕ, Royal embassy of Denmark, ИФК Метрополь, Михайлов and partners, Михайловский ГОК, Ондулин, РОСНО, Росгосстрах, the Свеза-wood, Северсталь, Сибур-Russian trunks, Уралсиб, the Czech insurance company.

Agency ABARUS MR has experience of realization of researches in various branches of economy, but the basic areas of specialization are:
  • стройиндустрия;
  • Automobile business.

The basic directions of researches:
  • Complex researches of the market
  • Estimation of market prospects of the project
  • Studying of consumers and clients
  • Studying of competitors
  • Studying of a product
  • Price researches
  • Advertising researches.

The separate research works which are carried out by agency:
  • Development of toolkit of research
  • Realization of field works
  • Computer data input
  • Statistical data processing
  • The control of work of interviewers
  • The analysis of the data and spelling of the report
  • Decoding of the data with аудио and video of carriers
  • Translation of reports into foreign languages

Competitive advantages ABARUS MR:
  • High quality of the information due to a profound knowledge of branch of the customer;
  • The decision of a problem(task) of the client under individually developed circuit;
  • Transparent pricing;
  • Accessible cost of researches;
  • Mobility and efficiency;
  • Aspiration to be the best.
2Agency DISCOVERY Research GroupAgency DISCOVERY Research Group was created in September, 2005 after the initiative of several groups of the experts working during long time in the known research and consulting companies of Russia, and also agencies in area business - PR.

The basic direction of activity of agency DISCOVERY Research Group is realization of marketing researches of a full cycle in Moscow and regions of Russia, and also performance of separate kinds of works at different stages of realization of the research project.

The important direction of activity is development and realization of the PR-campaigns directed on correction имиджевых of characteristics of the company of the Customer or his(its) production.

Important and possible(probable) making our affairs we count coordination of marketing programs and actions of companies - customers, and also realization of competitive investigation with attraction of the appropriate resources.

Employees of agency DISCOVERY Research Group carried out projects for conducting Russian and foreign companies, among which Gazprom, Роснефть, Юкос, Внешторгбанк, Caparol, ECCO, Empils (Эмпилс), Henkel (бренды Makroflex, Makrosil, Makrofix), Kleo, Wienrberger, Автобанк-Никойл, the Arsenal, Бентонит, Волховец, the Jeans symphony, Eurocement, Publishing house " Арт Аудио Пресс ", National Лесоиндустриальная the Company, Охотный a number(line), Russian investment group, Старатели, Текс, Юнис.

Competitive advantages DISCOVERY Research Group:
  • The complex approach to the decision of problems(tasks) of the client
  • Knowledge of branch of the client
  • Professionalism and versatile experience of employees
  • Simplicity and clearness of offered decisions
  • High quality of work with the information
  • Mobility and efficiency in the decision of problems(tasks) of the Customer
  • Work with the companies of any level
  • Partnership with the research centres in 43 regions of Russia
  • Mobility and efficiency, economy time and financial resources of the Customer
3Business centre - EkaterinburgThe business centre - Ekaterinburg works in the market already more than five years. Having started(begun) work as marketing division of the Ural Business centre, the company has grown in the independent actively developing organization being one of the largest operators of the market of marketing services of Ekaterinburg.

Mission of the company - increase of an overall performance of enterprises UrFo. The company reaches(achieves) this purpose:
  • проводя the marketing researches providing the information for acceptance of true administrative decisions;
  • Selecting employees who like and are able to do(make) the work;
  • Developing marketing, advertising or PR the strategy providing your success.
The company offers the partners the following services:
  • The state-of-the-art review – the review of the market on the basis of the analysis of open documents
  • Marketing research – research of the market, consumer behaviour, competitors... With application of special techniques of gathering and the analysis of the data.
  • Testing – testing of the name, the concept of a new product or his(its) separate elements (packing, the form etc.), an advertising campaign.
  • Supply with information and support of participation in exhibitions – interaction with organizers, registration of all necessary documents, the order of hotel, maintenance of efficiency of participation, the formulation of the text of invitations.
  • Complex information service - weekly / monthly granting of the information on branches (monitoring), preparation of press releases and their accommodation on branch sites, information support of participation in exhibitions, consultations concerning promotion and if necessary selection of advertising agency.
  • Monitoring – a selection of text-through materials on the themes determined by you
  • "Agenda" - monitoring + a rating that, dynamics(changes) of their development and communication(connection) with other themes
  • Social - psychological researches – diagnostics of organizational culture, psychological коннотации бренда etc.
  • Statement of marketing at the enterprise
  • Development of strategy of positioning, advertising, marketing strategy, ребрендинг
  • Selection of the personnel
  • Services of the translator
  • Trainings
Clients of the company are Concern " guelder-rose ", the Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development, bank " Jewelry of Ural ", HIGH SCHOOL - BANK, Баранчинский an electromechanical factory, Ural лифтостроительный a factory, Production association "Сталко", Лесоиндустриальная corporation " Лобва ", Television network - service (ТМ КАБiNET), Лукойл-Perm, Department on affairs of youth of Sverdlovsk area etc.  
4Company " Technology of Growth "Company of Open Company " Technology of Growth " – the young and actively growing company specializing on programs of increase of efficiency of business.

Programs of increase of efficiency of business can include projects on research, planning and реинженирингу one or several basic функционалов the companies. All depends on the purposes, actual problems(tasks) and specific features of the Customer.

Advisers of " Technology of Growth " work in area:
  • Complex marketing;
  • Marketing researches (field, room, quantitative, qualitative);
  • The organizations of marketing activity and sales;
  • Business - planning and an estimation investment to risk;
  • Increases of a transparency of business for his(its) owners and топ-managers;
  • Optimization of business - processes and a regulation of activity;
  • Non-standard ways of promotion;
  • копирайтинга;
  • Selection, dismissals, estimations of the personnel of the companies.
Increase of a commercial effectiveness of working business of our Partners without essential additional financial investments, - primary goal of " Technology of Growth ".

Main principles of our cooperation will be:
  • Confidentiality
  • Системность
  • Efficiency
5Company Formen ConsultingCompany Formen Consulting offers a complex of information and marketing services which can promote development of business and creation of competitive advantages in the Russian market.

Experts of the company render necessary assistance in maintenance of the qualitative information and consulting at different stages of development of business (since granting the statistical information and information bases and finishing development of long-term business - plans with variational scripts).

Experts will carry out(spend) researches and develop ideas also in nonconventional for the consulting companies and insufficiently studied spheres of business for liquidation of information vacuum at people accepting the decision.

Experience of realization of similar projects, presence of methodological base which provides the system approach to realization of analytical works, and possession in huge volume of the preliminary information allows us to be sure in a correct choice of a direction of development and the further prosperity of the company.

Main principles of work of the company are:
  • Individual approach
  • Quality surveillance of services and estimation of results
  • Interrelation with the client during work
  • Support of the project after his(its) end
  • Orientation to long-term cooperation
  • Confidentiality and economic safety
  • Improvement of professional skill – support of a level of knowledge of experts
  • Development of new kinds of services
  • Aspiration to continuous growth and development, following requirements of the market
Each project, irrespective of his(its) scale, is individual, and each client, irrespective of his(its) budgetary opportunities, is unique. The customer for the company – the direct participant of the project. Therefore mutual relation with the client are mutually advantageous – the customer receives knowledge of experts, a know-how, confidence, and we receive new branch experience, practice, communications(connections) and contacts.

Ethical standards and obligations of the company:
  1. The unbiassed account of all facts and the opinions concerning the project
  2. Priority of interests of the client
  3. Guarantee of impossibility of outflow of the commercial information received from the client for performance of works under the project
  4. To accept only the tasks appropriate to qualification of employees
  5. At the request of the client to keep full confidentiality of results of the executed work
  6. To not accept the offer of the third parties on compensation for recommendations to the customer of the certain equipment, materials or services
  7. Discussion with the client of all aspects and changes in the put task and reception of the consent of the client prior to the beginning of works.
6Consulting group " economist "Open Company Consulting group " economist "

The basic work of the company - business - planning. Mission of the company - an embodiment of enterprise idea, all over again on a paper, then in life. Experts of the Company participated in development of many business - projects.

The company assists the enterprises and private persons in the field of business - planning and an estimation of investment projects.

Experts of Consulting group " economist " are skilled economist - practice, advisers with a long-term operational experience in the field of investment consulting and business - planning, candidates of economic sciences. Besides permanent members of staff, our company actively involves highly skilled technical experts, experts.

Areas special the competence:
  • Housing construction;
  • Tourism and hotel facilities(economy);
  • Motor transport.
Advantages of Consulting group " economist ":
  1. Experts of the company are sure - it is impossible to know everything, therefore have concentrated on one. We know all necessary about business - planning!
  2. The company has three-year experience of development of business - plans. Experts of the company are glad to present the significant list of successfully completed projects of 2006-2007 years.
  3. the KG "Economist" offers a full complex of services: from examination of the project before realization of marketing researches.
  4. The company is awarded with the diploma at competition маркетологов, spent "РосБизнесКонсалтинг".
  5. The company understands, that the choice of consulting firm - is combined, therefore experts of the company give a guarantee of economic literacy of projects and free-of-charge are ready to protect the project if it is required.
  6. The company appreciates your time!
    Experts of the company will be at you within 24 hours after your bell. And in three days you on hands already will have the document executed in the international format (UNIDO) in view of the Russian specificity.
  7. The company works with high quality technical experts in various areas.
7News agency " KredInform northwest "Joint-Stock Company " News agency " KredInform northwest " works in the information market of Russia since 1994.

The basic directions of activity of agency are:
  • Granting of the business - information on legal persons on all regions of Russia and abroad, including in mode On-line;
  • Preparation and granting of directories (databases) of the enterprises for the given criteria;
  • Researches of the branch and regional markets of Russia;
  • The analysis of foreign trade activities both domestic, and the foreign enterprises in the branch markets of the Russian Federation;
  • Search of potential clients in territory of Russia and abroad;
  • Pre-judicial returning дебиторской debts inside the country and abroad (collection operations).
Experts of Joint-Stock Company " ИА " KredInform Northwest " have necessary preparation and a long-term operational experience of realization of marketing researches of the branch markets (B2B) and their segments.

Except for rendering information services, Joint-Stock Company " ИА " KredInform the Northwest " promotes adjustment of steady international and inter-regional business ties, promotes realization of large investment projects.

The news agency offers the clients and partners a wide spectrum of services and the various forms of co-operation which are flexibly taking into account both their needs(requirements), and financial opportunities: from single orders before user's service.  
8Research group " Infomajjn "Company of Open Company " Research group " Инфомайн " " (InfoMine Research Group) was created in 1993 for the analysis of a situation and forecasting of the markets of mineral raw material and metals.

The company we position themselves as independent research and consulting firm. By today " InfoMine Research Group " has significant experience of studying of the markets of mineral raw material, metals and chemical products in Russia and other countries of the former USSR.

Experts of the company carry out constant monitoring tendencies in the markets of mineral raw material, metals and chemical production of the Russias / CIS connected to manufacture and consumption of production, export-import activity, a financial condition of the companies, changes in structure of their property and the legislation concerning these branches. For past years by us it is prepared over 300 reports by separate kinds of an industrial output, and also over 800 reviews of the current condition of the markets.

The database is created, which replenishes and updated due to official sources (Росстат, Статкомитет the CIS, Federal customs service of the Russian Federation etc.), reports of the enterprises, the analysis of MASS-MEDIA, messages of our partners in regions of Russia and the countries of the CIS.

All experts of the company, the majority from which have a candidate's degree, are experts in the field of mining, metallurgy, chemistry and economy that allows to carry out researches at a high professional level.

The company consists of 4 basic departments specializing on researches in concrete areas of the markets of an industrial output:
  • Department of color and rare metals;
  • Department of ferrous metals and ferroalloys;
  • Department of nonmetallic raw material and building materials;
  • Department of chemical production.
Among other directions of work of the company it is necessary to note:
  • Researches of the markets of petroleum and mineral oil (black oil, lubricant oils, greasings, petroleum coke etc.);
  • Researches of the markets of materials for mechanical engineering (moulding, railway wheels, bearings etc.);
  • Researches of the markets of precious metals (gold, silver, metals of platinum group);
  • Researches of the markets of products of processing of wood;
  • Ecological researches.
9The company " Business Port "The company " Business Port " works in the market of информационно-analytical services since 1999.

Business mission of the Company - to promote development and improvement of business processes in Russia.

The basic directions of activity of the company:
  • Realization of marketing researches;
  • Analytics of the markets;
  • Strategic consulting, including development of business - plans;
  • Introduction of economic information systems in activity of companies - clients.
Marketing researches
The company " Business Port " works mainly in a segment of marketing researches of a full cycle, carrying out work from development of a technique before preparation of the report and presentation. It most full allows to satisfy needs(requirements) of the client as an end result of research is development of the recommendations promoting increase of efficiency of commercial activity of the Client.

Analytics of the markets
The company " Business Port " regularly will carry out(spend) initiative researches of the most interesting markets in the investment plan. The basic directions of initiative researches are:
  • Researches of investment appeal of the markets;
  • The analysis of development of the building market and the market of the real estate;
  • Regional researches;
  • Researches of development of retail and wholesale trade, an estimation of the consumer market, sector of services.
Strategic consulting
The company " Port " offers Business to the Clients of service in the strategic consultation directed on development of the optimal administrative decisions and an estimation of perspectivity of new directions of business. One of similar directions of consultation is development of business - plans. At work with the client the company uses the most progressive methods of cooperation.

Introduction of economic information systems in activity of companies - clients
With a view of automation of the economic calculations directed on an estimation of efficiency of activity of companies - clients, experts of Joint-Stock Company " Business Port " carry out development and introduction of economic information systems, including development of the software adapted under needs(requirements) of the Client.

Clients of the Company - the organizations of large, average and small business working in territory of Russia (basically, Moscow and Saint Petersburg), and also in territory of some foreign states among which it is possible to allocate the following:
  • ФГУП ЦНИИ him(it). акад. A.N.Krylova
  • Group of factories him(it). Stepan Razina
  • Competition "Social recognition" (" Agency of Audit of Professional reputation ")
  • Filuet Group (Israel)
  • Астон Consulting (Moscow)
  • The northwest Investment Company (Saint Petersburg)
  • RPRG (Moscow)
  • Validata (Moscow)
10NP " NTO InfoKom "НП " НТО ИнфоКом " works in System of the Inter-regional marketing centres of 10 years. By results of last certification the participant of System MMTS – НП " НТО ИнфоКом " is included into number of the best marketing centres of System – the maximum(supreme) category And.

Having exclusive information resources, professional experience and technical opportunities, employees of the company are always ready to help to expand to you your business.

The basic directions of activity of the centre:
  • Marketing and sociological researches
  • Presentation marketing
  • Audit of a trading network, ритейл - audit
  • Method mistery shopping
  • BTL actions(shares)
  • Complex интернет – marketing

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Preparation of Business mission of the Moscow small and average enterprises began from Irkutsk, trip of representatives of the Moscow small and average enterprises is planned to July, 14-15, 2010 with the purpose of realization of bilateral meetings with Irkutsk colleagues. Reception of applications On participation proceeds.
More in detail about the project it is possible to learn(find out)

Preliminary results of Business mission of the Moscow small and average businessmen to Penza, taking place - April, 28-29 are brought. From the Moscow party(side) in a meeting has taken part 29 companies. In total for 2 days of Business mission it was carried out(spent) 196 bilateral meeting, in 62 from which it was possible to reach(achieve) quite concrete agreements: contracts about deliveries, trial purchases, dealer agreements etc. Participants of business trip have expressed full satisfaction results of the carried out(spent) meetings. More in detail about results of the Project it is possible to learn(find out) Here

Preliminary results of Business mission of the Moscow small and average businessmen to Lipetsk, taking place - April, 15-16 are brought. From the Moscow party(side) in a meeting has taken part 40 companies. In total for 2 days of Business mission it was carried out(spent) 204 bilateral meeting, in 65 from which it was possible to reach(achieve) quite concrete agreements: contracts about deliveries, trial purchases, dealer agreements etc. Participants of business trip have expressed full satisfaction results of the carried out(spent) meetings. More in detail about results of the Project it is possible to learn(find out) Here

Preliminary results of Business mission of the Moscow small and average businessmen to Ryazan, taking place - April, 13-14 are brought. From the Moscow party(side) in a meeting has taken part 33 companies. In total for 2 days of Business mission it was carried out(spent) 187 bilateral meeting, in 59 from which it was possible to reach(achieve) quite concrete agreements: contracts about deliveries, trial purchases, dealer agreements etc. Participants of business trip have expressed full satisfaction results of the carried out(spent) meetings. More in detail about results of the Project it is possible to learn(find out) Here

April, 21, 2010 at 10-00 in a round hall of Administration of the Tver area (Tver, street. Soviet, д. 23) Inter-regional scientific - practical conference " Marketing of territories was held: modern experience of promotion of municipalities and regions ".
As organizers of conference have acted ММЦ "Tver" and the Tver Regional Resource Centre at support of Administration of the Tver area, International association " system MMTS ".
In conference have taken part more than 100 person: representatives Moscow and regional authorities, the chapter of municipal formations(educations), the director 17-ти the regional centres of System MMTS and representatives of conducting marketing agencies of Russia, representatives of enterprise associations and business - communities, and also heads of the enterprises of the Tver area.

More in detail …

The new Russian - Austrian интернет-platform on the innovational technologies is created, called to promote information interchange about supplies and demands of the Russian and Austrian scientific innovational centres and the firms offering the technologies on sale, or technological development looking for the supplier.
More in detail
Opening day in Измайлово and the Centre of crafts ВАО Russian farmstead
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