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To be or to not be to the market of marketing services of Altai territory

To be or to not be to the market of marketing services of Altai territory

general director of Joint-Stock Company MMTS
" Altai - Moscow "

The Russian market of marketing services and marketing consultation is, to the western measures, "young enough" and only formed. Time of his(its) existence can be defined(determined) in 3-5 years. For this period qualitative change of structure of consumers of services was expressed in increase of a share of the Russian firms - customers. It is connected to change of the general(common) market situation, an aggravation of competitive attitudes(relations) and, as consequence(investigation), "comprehension" of the domestic enterprises of necessity of realization of marketing actions in business of maintenance of success of the business. Though such "comprehension" till now has no by mass character, and problem of penetration on the market, promotions of production till now either are solved "in the old manner", or not solved at all. From here a plenty of the unprofitable and "frozen" manufactures.

Alongside with it, law of decrease(reduction) of a level of development of branch of marketing services is traced in process of removal(distance) of regions from the central part of Russia.
The market of marketing services of Altai territory considered(examined) in the given clause(article) (more detailed information on Altai territory can be seen(overlooked), having visited a veb-server, considerably removed from the centre, is in a stage of formation, and until recently on it(him) there were no the organizations specializing on rendering of marketing services and having high professionalism and practical experience (usually marketing services are included in the list already existing when for this purpose already there is a certain communication base). Thus local consumers, could not, and now are at a loss to define(determine), than results of qualitative marketing services differ from poor-quality and are ready to be content with that is. Qualitative change of the given situation is caused by an output(exit) on the local market of marketing
services in 1998 of
System of the Inter-regional marketing centres, the international holding with the ramified network of the regional centres equal on qualifying parameters in more than 40 regions of Russia and abroad. The representative of the given System in Altai territory is the Inter-regional marketing centre "Altai - Moscow" (Barnaul) which basic purpose within
the framework of System is adjustment of direct economic communications(connections) with other regions of the Russian Federation, by rendering such services, as

Search and purchase of the necessary process equipment;

Gathering and the analysis of offers of businessmen;

Search of business and trading partners;

Realization of marketing researches all-Russian and the regional markets;

Information service;

Formation of a portofolio of regional investment projects, search of investors.

During work the centre has collided(faced) a number(line) of the branch problems demanding new ways of the decision in view of specificity of the local market. It is caused следующим:тем, that, in the first, Altai territory has agrarian and industrial okraskuspetsifiku. The majority of facilities(economy) and the enterprises are not solvent, that reduces a monetary revolution in edge(territory) and according to his(its) active development. The enterprises think of ways of a survival, instead of about forms of development.

Besides in edge(territory) a low level of enterprise formation(education) in view of his(its) recent formation, "youth" and backwardness. The initial circle of businessmen was generated by a former managing part of the large enterprises with the appropriate thinking and a way of the managing not capable operatively to perceive an innovation in the information market of information services.
Economic attitudes(relations) basically are limited to bargains with articles of food, which period of storage is short-term, and consequently participants of the given sector are guided by cooperation with nearby regions (except for a source of raw materials) - Tomsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo.

Raw deliveries are adjusted GUP "Altajagroprod".
Working large industrial enterprises have precisely established contacts to other regions of Russia and the countries of the CIS and have own marketing divisions. A number(line) of the industrial goods has no analogues in Russia, there is no interest in services of promotion through System.

And at last, Vv to a kind of remoteness of edge(territory) from the Central region the information, actual for the centre of Russia, is not always applicable(applied) in conditions of periphery.

All market of Altai territory can be divided(shared) into three basic groups:

The large industrial enterprises having a stable commodity market and own marketing divisions, well-known in Russia, the CIS which are not requiring for services of System MMTS;

The enterprises which heads consider, that they have a commodity market and own marketologov which at the best carry out functions of a sales department by virtue of the congestion and absence of a professional knowledge in sphere of marketing;

The enterprises (basically small and average) which heads understand necessity of realization of marketing researches, but because of financial difficulties and desire to receive the necessary information for the minimal payment, use local private(individual) marketologov, receiving for the appropriate price researches adequate to it(her).

Realization of marketing researches - the expensive problem(task), expensive(dear) pleasure, therefore their realization for the enterprises in the West, in economically advanced countries, as a rule, dotiruetsja the state. The understanding of this necessity comes and at a regional level. Administration of Altai territory the decision on creation of the Informatsionno-analytical centre of the market of food resources, but maintenance necessary a level of communications necessary levels (hardware, program and information), introduction vnutrifirmennoj is accepted and interpartner technology the Intranet can be provided only due to powerful capital investments.

Now in the market of marketing services of city of Barnaul being the administrative, industrial and cultural centre of Altai territory, exists 10 organizations including marketing works in the list of the services marketing (we do not consider(examine) here firm which unique activity is rendering advertising services). The basic the Full spectrum marketingovyeh defines(determines) "Altai - Moscow" services renders only MMTS. Many work “ under the customer ”, i.e. demand for the given services is not stimulated in any way and frequently directly is not mentioned in the list of services, but there are individual clients for whom separate marketing actions will be carried out(spent).

The enterprises at occurrence of need(requirement) for marketing services (and presence of this need(requirement) though and in small scales, already pleases) prefer to address not to the organizations, and to the private persons rendering similar services (that, first of all, concerns marketing researches in the local market). It is proved, first of all, by that the prices at "private tragers" are much lower. And the parity(ratio) price / quality is usual in calculation does not undertake. Also plays a role insufficient promotion by the organizations of marketing services offered by them. It (promotion) is not designed for the mass consumer, and only on certain(determined) (basically, in opinion of the organizations, the most solvent) firms.

It is possible to speak as well that the basic problem in branch at a local level today is not only konkurentsijaNo even such universal company collides(faces) with artificial zauzhennost'ju the market of marketing services as many enterprises it is independent without attraction of external experts will carry out(spend) marketing actions. Their own marketologi independently perform this work, as a part of their regular official functions. Key advantage MMTS "Altai - Moscow" in a competition to similar independent work is that fact, that frequently internal marketologam simply there is no experience and skills and, that is osnovnymne less important, there is no necessary level of communications. MMTS “ Altai Moscow ” can is capable to carry out gathering of the information and to come into contacts by such methods of which local marketologi simply can not take advantage (for example, useful contacts and - or the information can be received by use of information resources of system MMTS). For the comparative analysis of the data in the various regional markets our centre can carry out operative information interchange with marketologami others MMTS or use obshchesistemnymi the information resources placed in a corporate network (http: //

The general competitive situation finds out tendencies to improvement. With growth of quality of the services offered in the market of marketing, the trust (optimistic variant), Underestimation by the Russian manufacturers of marketing as means of promotion of production, his(its) data to the elementary actions, are the main reason of mistrust to services offered by the professional marketing companies will be raised also.

Also, significant material resources are required the companies on creation and development of an infrastructure of gathering, storage and transfer of the information.

As to prospects of development of branch of marketing services as a whole, she(it) experiences a stage of early development with simultaneous saturation of the market low qualified services. With growth of quality of services and as consequence(investigation), growth of trust on the part of consumers in aggregate with predicted obshcherynochnymi tendencies (increase of a competitive situation and problems with selling the goods) it is necessary to expect and increases of demand at professional marketing services. Branch it is possible to attribute(relate) to having significant potential of growth.

The general competitive situation in branch of marketing services is "not militant" and consequently enough favorable. One of the basic threats on the part of branch competitors in the local market can count the offer (more truly continuation of the offer) marketing services in the dumping prices. I.e. in conditions of low demand for marketing services a situation in the big degree podkontrol'na to consumers, in struggle for which firms start to reduce of the price for marketing services up to inconceivable limits, in a result all market is forced down. Also development of the following menacing factor – formation (and frequently and fastenings) at consumers of opinion on an inefficiency and in general from here follows uselessness of marketing services. It, in general, naturally, under the price and quality.

Now the majority of the enterprises do not use marketing services by virtue of that the needs(requirements) in similar sorts services though the initial estimation of needs(requirements) shows yet have not realized that the competent and qualified support is necessary for them in the field of marketing.

As to prospects of development of branch of marketing services as a whole, the branch experiences a stage of early development with simultaneous saturation of the market low qualified services. With growth of quality of services and as consequence(investigation), growth of trust on the part of consumers in aggregate with predicted obshcherynochnymi tendencies (increase of a competitive situation and problems with selling the goods) it is necessary to expect and increases of demand at professional marketing services. Branch it is possible to attribute(relate) to having significant potential of growth though also rough development to expect it is not necessary, at least, the nearest 2-3 years.

Analyzing the situation which has usually in the local market it is possible to assume two ways of development of branch: pessimistic and optimistic.

- Pessimistic:

In view of negotovnosti to perception(recognition) of marketing services, despite of appreciable growth of economic activity in edge(territory), demand for marketing services will not raise, or will raise too low rates as early as long years. The organizations which basic specialization – rendering of marketing services, will not survive in the market, or will direct the activity to other channel. Marketing services will render only experts - singles (for example, teachers and graduates of high SCHOOLS which cost of services is very much underestimated (for example, marketing research costs(stands) no more than 2 thousand)) or they (services) will be included as collateral / additional in the list of services of the organizations.

- Optimistic:

The most probable to us represents optimistic variant of the forecast of development of branch. Competitive struggle of firms for the consumer stimulates demand and culture of marketing services in region, there will be a rotation of the staff – the former key element will be replaced with more competent in the economic plan new, the general organizational culture will be raised. The need(requirement) for more and more qualitative marketing services will grow in due course. As consequence(investigation), the fine firms offering .uslugi of poor quality, will be superseded, barriers of an input(entrance) in branch become higher.
Demand for marketing services is stabilized.
However it is obvious, that realization of optimistic variant - only a matter of time, and uk heads to heads of the enterprises there will be a reorientation and the understanding of will come that realization qualitative qualitative marketing will allow to solve not only momentary problems(tasks), but also carefully to plan strategy of development of own business. Achievement of it of this purpose will allow the enterprises to rise on a new level and will provide occurrence of one of the basic conditions of economic development of Russia.

While internal demand for marketing services in Altai territory is not high enough, MMTS "Altai - Moscow" is guided by system projects and foreign customers. The Inter-regional marketing centres name system projects the business - projects which are carried out by System in all or many points of its(her) presence and on a long-term basis. Besides our System feels growing interest of representatives of foreign business to so ramified inter-regional network. MMTS "Altai - Moscow" has good chances to fill up the register of the carried out projects on inter-regional and mezhunarodnom the markets and to win a home market of edge(territory) due to the acquired unique experience.

One more perspective direction for us is support of investment projects. We regularly fill up a database under such projects on site MARKETCENTER.RU. However real work on search of the investor and the coordination with it(him) of conditions of the bargain assumes realization of marketing researches as a component of complex service. An output(exit) in foreign networks of the business information, an opportunity of work with large domestic investors - those competitive advantages which are given with participation in System MMTS.
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