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Interview of the general Director of Joint-Stock Company MMTS " Arkhangelsk - Moscow "


System MMTS

Question: Vladimir Ivanovich, what situation with development of small business in the Russian Federation as a whole and in the Arkhangelsk area in particular? What prospects, in your opinion his(its) development?

The answer: According to our centre, cardinal growth of business in Russia to achieve it was not possible. A similar situation and in the Arkhangelsk area.
It is a lot of reasons. It both official barriers, and the tax burden, remaining all таки rather high, difficulties with registration, absence of an opportunity of reception of credits and investments and many other things.
But the main reason, seems to me, in the friend. Our generation has passed « millstones of reorganization ». Whom that from businessmen circumstances (have broken the state, officials, taxes), to whom that « on brains настучал » a criminal case. Both that and another have discouraged to do business. Someone has stood, using the diversified circuits and methods of a survival. Sometimes addressing for the help besides to a criminal case. Рокфеллеры, speak, too on the big roads plundered in due time. Support of small business by the state structures is insignificant and she(it) consists mainly in granting fine credits. And already to operating companies and private(individual) businessmen. It is asked: in what support of small business by the state consists? More truly whom it is supported? Those who already was held and to aspire to develop further? Probably, it is good. And where new inflow of businessmen? Where young « a fresh young growth »? Where her(it) to take? From what layers of the population?
About prospects. According to the Russian Association of Development of Small Business (РАРМП) in Russia it is on the average created 6 enterprises on 1000 inhabitants. In Moscow 24 MT on 1000 inhabitants. But! The central theme of the message of the president of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin Federal Sobraniju – doubling of gross national product by 2010. What to double gross national product to the term appointed our president, annual rates of growth of economy should be not less than 7,5 - 8 %. Now we have a gain at a rate of 4 %. Due to what resources and reserves it is possible to double rates of growth of economy? Large business of this problem(task) will not solve one. It is not agile. It is hardly developed(unwrapped). Probably the decision in creation of favorable conditions in for development of small business. It is required to create in Russia not less than 3 750 000 small enterprises. In the Arkhangelsk area of them should operate by 2010 not less than 40 000. In view of world(global) statistics of a survival (up to 80 % of again created firms are ruined in the first year of existence) it is necessary, that would annually be created about(near) 15 000. Better 25 000. And for today at us in area only about 5 000 small enterprises!?. I.e. the problem(task) is necessary to increase their quantity(amount) in 8 times!!! The biggest complexity: where to take the talented initiative people, capable to head the enterprises. To wait, that they will be shown - senselessly. As now it is visible, that however be, significant growth of their quantity(amount) it is not observed. Also it is thought to me, that if in the near future to not change a situation 7-ми летку on a gain of gross national product the Arkhangelsk area will not execute. Also there will come(step) time when « violent official heads » … will depart. Ой will depart! Probably, that this circumstance is necessary for taking into account to candidates, the various levels, going on elections as the basic, a primary factor in the future work.

Question: Vladimir Ivanovich and how you see in a cut(section) of the aforesaid the further development of the project « Real business » АГТРК "Pomorze"?

The answer: If it is fair, it is very difficult for me to pick up words for an estimation of opportunities incorporated by authors in idea of the project. Sensation such what to not transfer the importance of this work in a word. How it is possible to estimate the importance of aspiration of authors of idea of the project to mobilize army of young people to go in business? Taking into account that ANYONE (except for forbidden by the current legislation, it it is natural) business solves finally the social problem(task)! To all other the small enterprise will give production or services to the population, wages and social guarantees to employees, taxes in the state budgets of different levels. Only it is not necessary to consider(examine) small enterprises only as trading or деревоперерабатывающие, that is very much distributed in the Arkhangelsk area. In the world exists about 60 000 kinds of the goods and services which are known today with mankind. In the Arkhangelsk area it is made hardly probable 10 – 15 % of kinds from this number. And it means, that inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk area have no opportunity to use the others 50 000 kinds. And never probably will receive such opportunity if who that will not undertake the responsibility on release of these goods and rendering of these services. The project « Real business » as it seems to me, with some completions and additions, can be considered(examined) in the Arkhangelsk area as the basic channel of search of the talented persons, capable to head own business. And such people person by the end of 2010 is required about 100 thousand! Besides similar « television » any area, any republic, any edge(territory) of Russia and the countries of the CIS has no business of an incubator.

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