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ANALOGUES ARE NOT PRESENT ("Marketing ru" talks to the President of "System MMTS" Elena Emel'janovoj)

МА "System MMTS" has issueed a new series from 10 books « Small business. Successful experience and typical mistakes », devoted to marketing activity of small enterprises in 10 various kinds of business. About problems(tasks), ideas and the purposes of this series "Marketing ru" talks to the President of "System MMTS" Elena Emel'janovoj.

System MMTS

Elena L'vovna, what basic idea of occurrence of the given business - series?

Shortly I would characterize so: « Business – risk by definition, the main problem(task) of books – to make this risk controlled ». Books should render the practical help, both beginning(starting), and to already working businessmen. The first can organize the business initially more effectively, the second will find the latent reserves and new opportunities of development. That who else only thinks of opening of the affair, books will help to make the correct decision.

In what difference of a series from other editions?

Today in the market there is a lot of literature, devoted to questions of business and the organization of business, basically it is books venerable foreign маркетологов which experience is not adapted to conditions of market economy in Russia. Works which operate with examples from real Russian business, it is possible to count on fingers, and if such examples and are resulted, they, as a rule, describe activity of only large or very large companies. Our series is constructed on research, the analysis and ordering of successful experience of domestic small enterprises from different branches of activity, real examples here are resulted and considered(examined), the reasons удач and typical mistakes understand. The overall objective of the edition – to reveal and show a marketing component, its(her) role in achievement of success in work of small business and the practical mechanism of real integration in business - processes of the company to show logic and algorithm of acceptance of marketing decisions and concrete toolkit of influence on the market. Safely it is possible to assert(approve), that till now similar books in Russia did not leave.

The information is taken from what sources?

In a basis, and I think it, is one of the main advantages of the given series, the practical information received in a course of specially carried out(specially spent) researches has lain. Initial sample has made more than 2000 small and average Moscow companies, 500 from them were selected for realization of quantitative interrogation which has in turn allowed to select 100 most successful companies which have agreed on deep interviews.

Why МА "System MMTS" has decided to let out 10-томник?

Each volume – separate sphere of business. Creation of one, universal book on marketing in small business as each direction has branch specificity, the nuances was represented to authors wrong. In the given series the broadest spectrum of areas of business is covered: from food manufactures and beauty salons up to fast-food establishments and the medical companies.

For simplification of perception(recognition) of a material in books style of a statement from the first person is used: the author - beginning(starting) businessman independently tries to generate logic of actions in the market to estimate the chances, in a result it(he) receives a number(line) of advice(councils) from successful практиков and experts and shares them with the reader.

As far as today books of similar subjects are actual?

Are rather actual! Today domestic businessmen even more often collide(face) with a number(line) of the serious problems caused by shortage of marketing knowledge. To the Russian businessmen to have thoughtlessly to copy actions of competitors or to use patterns in a separation of the theory from practice, in many cases they spend weight of forces and energy for « the invention of a bicycle », a method of own tests and mistakes rediscovering the trues already for a long time becoming elements of management and marketing.

From edition: On the basis of the carried out(spent) research, in books of a series not only it is shown, that at all complexity of problems arising before small business, businessmen find ways of their decision, but also is proved, that the marketing approach in management of business today plays a main role.

For more detailed information address in ММЦ "Moscow" т. 234-53-89,

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